Collections feature one of a kind collector's items as well as reproductions of my most popular designs, creating an opportunity for an affordable gift of superior quality.

By The Pond

This is a light hearted collection that futures familiar characters you find by the pond.  Consisting mostly of one of kind pieces that are designed to evoke feeling. Fun to make – fun to wear. Explore..

Hearts & Roses

I sought to reinterpret these traditional symbols, giving them some shape and movement, while silently speaking of love Explore..

Under The Sea

This collection is inspired by diving experiences in the Maldives and Great Barrier Reef.  The endless variety of life under the sea, fascinates and feeds imagination, opening the door to creativity. Explore..

Wild Flower

In shaping this collection my aim is to manipulate metal to achieve the texture and movement of a living flower. This collection expresses femininity and enduring design that will stand the test of time in being both wearable and elegant. Explore..